Welcome to Poseidon Complex
No compromise on quality!
Poseidon is situated in a prestigious area in the vicinity of the town of Nessebar. The distance to the stunning sandy beach is 350 meters. The distance to the airport is 22 km. and 27 km. from the center of Burgas with its wide opportunities for spending leisure time. 400 meters from the complex is the largest Aqua Park in Bulgaria - Aqua Paradise. There are restaurants, cafes and shops within walking distance of the building.

The surrounding area is filled with the finest traditions of landscape design, with plenty of greenery, beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers. The area is decorated with elegant pergolas, rosettes and gazebos, fascinating bridges, antique sculptures, fountains, benches and hiking trails lit by evening with exquisite lanterns. There are tents with soft and comfortable mattresses, predisposing to a pleasant conversation or relaxation with reading or sleeping in the fresh air.

The Poseidon Infrastructure includes:

  • 2 swimming pools - a main pool and a children's pool with a river
  • umbrellas and sun loungers
  • VIP zone with artificial lake (another pool)
  • Tennis court
  • specially designed and equipped barbecue area
  • children's playground
  • Children's clubs and a computer game room
  • restaurant with food delivery (all year round)
  • Center 'BABOR'
  • Has stores
  • Open parking, garages and places in the underground parking
  • Have a nice stay with us!
    Six buildings - Six Gods
    Let the 'Starfish' guide you to us
    In Christian symbolism the Starfish stands for the Virgin Mary. ''Virgin Mary - Star of the Sea'' is the ancient name of Jesus Christ’s mother. Starfish is also a heavenly symbol representing eternal divine love. It shines in all directions and provides safe journey through murky waters in times of danger.
    Pegasus is the beautiful, winged, immortal, white stallion who carried Zeus’s lightning and guns. According to one of the legends, he is the child of Poseidon and Medusa. His name means ''wellspring'', for every time he stomped his hoof, a fountain would spring.
    Arion is an ancient Greek, mythological, speaking horse. He was born as a result of the love between Poseidon and Demetra. His speed made the king of Artos the only warlord who managed to save himself in the campaign against Thebes.
    Tesey is a legendary hero who created the unity of the Athenian state. He has been in the underground kingdom and has lived in King Minos’ palace. Tesey is famous for his heroic feats and the display of relentless courage in the killing of the Minotaur.
    Triton, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, is a sea god, and just like his father, he carries a trident but his power lies in his shell, the sound of which either comforts or raises the waves. He and his parents live in a marvelous golden palace in the depths of the sea.
    Orion is the son of Poseidon and Gorgon Euryale. He was born in Beotia – a fertile land in civilized Greece - whose people had been described as farmers in the winter and sailors in the summer. Orion had the power and ability to walk on water.
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